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‘More masks than jellyfish’: coronavirus waste ends up in the ocean – The Guardian

A tremendous and still increasing number of disposable masks, gloves and PPE have been used during the pandemic. Environmentalists are warning that the pollution in our oceans will increase manifold and we could end up with more masks than jellyfish in the Mediterranean.

We understand the concerns by some who feel that reusable masks do not provide sufficient protection against the Coronavirus. That’s why we did our research to find a solution to this problem.

Introducing A-Shield anti-microbial solution which provides protection against pathogens, specially formulated for use on both hard and soft surfaces. Use it to re-charge your reusable mask for long-lasting effectiveness. A sustainable solution so you can play your part in saving our planet, as well as providing your home and your family the utmost protection they deserve.


Use A-Shield anti-microbial solution on your masks, mobile phones, pillows, bags and wallets for long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, mould and even dust mites! One coating lasts 20 washes on fabrics, and 1 month on hard surfaces.

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A-Shield utilises resonance technology by Aegis.

A-Shield utilises ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology, which physically ruptures the cell membrane of undesirable microbes. This stabbing and “electrocution” of undesirable microbes, resulting from the antimicrobial’s physical structure, means that the antimicrobial will be fully effective as long as the surface remains intact. Since it is not consumed and does not dissipate, the antimicrobial coating is not depleted and continues to control microbial growth even after attack by foreign organisms.


Since the ÆGIS Microbe Shield is not consumed when destroying the organism, it stands ready to fight again and again. It even remains effective after multiple washings! As a non-leaching antimicrobial that does not migrate from the surface, ÆGIS Microbe Shield technology has been used for over 30 years, proving its long-lasting benefits in protecting textiles and interior surfaces.


Registered for use with the EPA and other regulatory agencies worldwide.

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As pathogens such as COVID-19 can remain active on surfaces for up to 2 days, it has become increasingly important to sterilise and cleanse surfaces to prevent the spread of the virus.


​This solution binds to surfaces to create a microscopic 'spike shield'. It instantly pierces enveloped viruses such as influenza A and COVID-19, killing them and preventing their growth.

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A-Shield lasts for 1 month on surfaces, and up to 20 washes on fabrics, making it more cost-effective than sanitisers and regular cleansers, which need to be consistently re-applied.

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A-Shield is Infused Into Fibres of Surfaces

Long molecule chains from A-Shield anti-microbial solution will start forming on the fibres of surfaces.


They act as micro-needles that will puncture cell membranes and "pop" microorganisms.

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How A-Shield Kills Microbes

The negatively charged cell membranes of microbes are attracted to the positively charged treated surface.


When bacteria and viruses come into contact with treated surfaces, the micro-needles puncture their cell membranes and kills them.

A-Shield antimicrobial solution on fabri

A-Shield Stands Ready to Fight Again

Without a healthy membrane, bacteria and viruses can no longer sustain life, and create odour and stains.


Since A-Shield won't be consumed when destroying the organisms, it stands ready to fight again.




A-Shield is perfect for your masks, PPE, clothing, and bags.

Lasts up to 20 washes on fabrics.


Use it on your mobile phones, keyboards and high-touch surfaces.

Lasts up to 1 month. Regular cleaning with alcohol-based solution will not affect the efficacy of the coating.


Use A-Shield on your wallets and bags to prevent mold growth.

A-Shield indirectly prevents mold growth and dust mites by breaking down their food sources.



Follow these simple steps when applying A-Shield to high-touch surfaces


Ensure that the object is clean such as washing the mask with soap and water first and wiping down the surface of the object to be treated.


Ensure that the entire surface is fully covered with the solution.


Leave the item to air-dry. Try to avoid touching the item when it's still visibly wet.

Tip: iron  (low heat) fabrics only


Use only when the item is completely dry. Re-coat after 20 washes for textile products, or 1 month for hard surfaces.



Invest in a bottle of Singapore's best antimicrobial protective spray today!

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Frequently asked questions

A-Shield FAQ

Is A-Shield accredited and lab-tested?

Yes. A-Shield uses technology by Aegis, a US company that has developed this technology more than twenty years ago. This solution has been extensively tested by Singapore and international laboratories. The solution is accredited by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

What are Microbes?

Microbes are tiny living things that are found all around us and are too small to be seen by the naked eye. They live in water, soil, and in the air. Some microbes make us sick, others are important for our health. Microbes include bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

What is antimicrobial?

An antimicrobial is a substance that inhibits or stops the growth of all micro-organisms or destroys them.

How do antimicrobial coatings work?

Antimicrobial coatings work by preventing microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses) from adhering to a surface and destroying the microorganisms they come into contact with. With resistant bacteria on the rise, antimicrobial coating is one way to protect ourselves and others against the threat of infection and illness.

Why should I use A-Shield instead of other traditional disinfection methods?

Traditional disinfection solutions are made for short term efficacy which require daily top up. A-Shield anti-microbial is a proven solution that is formulated to provide lasting protection for textile substrates and hard surfaces. Regular laundry of treated textile products or daily cleaning of treated surfaces will not erode the efficacy of the solution.

What do I need to do prior to applying the treatment?

A-Shield should be applied to clean, dry surfaces for optimal efficacy. For textile products like masks, wash the mask with detergent and water first, air dry it before applying A-Shield. For other surfaces, wipe down the surface with soap and water. Allow the surface to dry before treating with A-Shield.

What is the difference between A-Shield anti-microbial protection and other anti-microbial solutions in the market?

‘A- Shield Anti-Microbial’ destroys pathogenic micro-organisms on contact as a result of the resonance technology used in the solution.

How safe is A-Shield Anti-microbial solution?

The main ingredient in A-Shield is the Quaternary Ammonia Silane (QAS), which is a non-toxic molecule. Many research papers have proven the efficacy of QAS as an anti-microbial agent (Daood, U., Matinlinna, J.P., Pichika, M.R. et al. A quaternary ammonium silane antimicrobial triggers bacterial membrane and biofilm destruction. Sci Rep 10, 10970 (2020)). This solution is safe for the environment as it is non-leaching and it is safe for humans and pets.

How long does ‘A-Shield Anti-microbial solution’ last?

Because of its physical rather than chemical nature, A-Shield destroys 99.99% of micro-organisms immediately on contact. For treated textile products like masks or clothing, we suggest that you treat the products once every two weeks. For hard surfaces, area can be re-treated once every month.

Can the coating be removed with household soap and water scrubbing?

The Silane structure used in A-Shield bonds permanently with any substrate through hydrolysis reaction. In fact, regular cleaning with soap and water enhances the microbial killing power and longevity of the coating. As it destroys microbes immediately on physical contact, if the surface is left uncleaned for prolonged periods the dead microorganisms begin to clog and degrade the efficacy of the surface.



What Our Clients Are Saying

“Living in a humid country like Singapore means that my leather bags and shoes get mouldy very easily. A-shield helps prevent mould growth. It's magical how it works.”

Jayne Chong, Financial Consultant

“For peace of mind, I spray it on all the high touch points in my house and office. Now I don't need to clean the doorknobs every morning, saving me time and money. Thank you A-shield.”

Raymond Sim, Retail General Manager

“I am allergic to dust mites. Every three months, I use A-shield as a final rinse for all my bedding. Now I can breathe easily, sleep like a baby and no longer have to worry about dust mites anymore.”

Don Tay, Lecturer



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